The morning of April 13th I’m dreading this flight. I don’t mind entertaining myself. The idea of being stuck in one place for 14 hours doesn’t feel uncomfortable but it feels limiting. I’ve never been good at flying, but I think you can get good at anything in 14 straight hours. Adrien picks me up in an Uber at 7am and I tell him I just remembered that I left a proof of vaccination form on my office desk. I try and spin it to be a positive that I remembered this before we actually left to the airport. When I got back to the Uber after grabbing that form, Dylan was in the car. He knows I hate surprises but he put himself on our flight a week prior and decided it would be fun not to tell me. Fun. The flight attendant announces that due to volcanic activity we will have to divert the plane adding two hours to the flight. 16 hours. Vague and impossible to question. I ask her if we can get an upgrade and she gives me and Adrien our own row. When Adrien and I celebrate I insist it was because of my charm. Dylan leaves us to go to business class. I end up spilling seltzer water on my crotch 20 minutes into the flight. I do it again 4 hours later. I do it again 3 hours later. I switch to red wine because I think it’ll make me sleepy. I spill half of it on my tray table. I got some side-eyes and I half mumble that my tray table is slanted. A friendly but earlier annoying neighbor gives me a napkin and the flight attendant refuses to give me any more cups. Water bottles for the rest of the flight. Dylan comes to visit us for a couple of hours and sneaks me some free Bailey’s Irish cream. I’m weirdly hungry even though I’ve had every flavor they offer on this plane. I have no idea what time I am supposed to feel like it is right now. Very excited to get to Tokyo.
Update: we made it


6am wakeup makes it hard to smile. Will try my best.
Dylan left yet another pair of AirPods at home, making this his fourth pair. (He lives life in business class.)
turns out our flight is 16 hours Instead of 14 because of some volcanic activity. I don’t believe it, they just don’t want us to see the UFOs.
the food was terrible but I’m dreaming of ramen 🍜
watching anime to pregame japan.
baileys, my drink of choice for some reason
brushing up on our Japanese before we land